Easy to use, simple and informative.

Business Intelligence

Our Business Intelligence experts work closely with you to meet business requirements.

Travel Reporting

  • Online Business Intelligence Tool
  • Secure access to your data
  • Dashboard visualizations
  • Intuitive – ease of use
  • Ad-hoc consulting

Data Analytics

  • Customised scheduled reports
  • Consolidated data
  • Ad-hoc consulting

Travel Expense Management

  • Consolidated billing



Tandem Travel brings travel management solutions to you. Not the other way around. We understand markets are constantly changing, resulting in ever increasing challenges to businesses and your time. To help you, we provide a suite of services such as automated reporting, cutting edge online Business Intelligence tools, bespoke reporting of key travel performance measures

Dashboards and scorecards are designed with your company in mind. In depth market analysis, spend analysis and benchmarking is what we do and we are here to help drive better decision and monitoring of travel exceptions ultimately reducing travel costs.

We will decode your data. In our eyes, more data equates to better business.

Transform Your Business

  • Cut Costs Through Spend Analysis - Be empowered to make informed decisions
  • Share Insights With Lead Decision Makers - Executive KPI scorecards
  • Change Company Culture - Enforce travel policies and influence traveller purchasing behaviours
  • Target Policy Violations - Custom designed monitoring dashboards
  • Benchmark Key Metrics - Understand what is working or not from similar agencies and where to focus attention

Benchmark Key Metrics

   Data Analytics Life Cycle

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