Tandem Travel offers a comprehensive suite of reporting solutions.

Through the customer portal, clients can access enhanced data reporting functionality.

This information helps you understand your business spend, and behaviours while identifying opportunities to cut costs and mitigate risk. 

These reports make it easier to check travel is being booked within policy and help uncover ways to book more efficiently in the future.

Our suite of intuitive self-serve reports include:

 Accommodation Report

  • Insights into top accommodation providers, destinations, and travellers.
  • Details of individual bookings, travellers, and cost centres.
  • Metrics such as Average Room Rate per night.


Air Fares Report

  • Featuring Air New Zealand fares by name, such as seat, seat+bag, flexichange, flexirefund.
  • Visibility of the split between different Air New Zealand fares booked, average segment prices and split for domestic trunk and regional routes as well as overall domestic market.

Air Travel Report

  • Insights into top airlines, destinations, routes, and travellers.
  • Details of individual flight tickets, travellers, booking classes and cost centres.
  • Metrics such as Average Fare, and Cost of Change.

Booking Behaviour Report

  • Insights on key performance indicators for booking behaviour.
  • Details of booking seasonality.
  • Monitor offline vs. online booking behaviour over time and by traveller.
  • Review preferred provider list.

Car Rental Report

  • Insights into top car rental providers, top destinations, and top travellers.
  • Details of individual bookings, travellers, and cost centres.
  • Metrics such as Average Car Rental Rate per day.

Carbon Dioxide Emissions Report

  • Indicative Carbon Dioxide (CO2) emissions for Air Travel.
  • Reporting CO2 emissions empowers organisations to manage and reduce emissions, helping New Zealand achieve emission reduction targets.
  • Tandem has followed the Ministry for the Environment guide on how to report greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

Days Away Report

  • A summary of days travelled by traveller, by booking across all travel types.

Expenditure Report

  • Overall travel expenditure for all types of travel.
  • Booking details to support accrual management.
  • Details of individual bookings, travellers, and cost centres.
  • Travel expenditure by travel type over time to support budget management.

Traveller Locator

  • Advanced duty of care reporting in case of an event or incident.
  • Locate your traveller anywhere in the world.
  • See if your traveller is holding a flight reservation.