Our ownership by Air New Zealand, and the stringent emergency response protocols which are in place for operating an airline with global reach, means we have a particularly robust traveller security programme in place. 

Tandem Travel has proven experience in managing emergency response travel requirements, simultaneously coordinating travel for critical resources in response to the Christchurch earthquakes of September 2010 and February 2011. As part of our current traveller security programme, we include earthquake ratings for all domestic hotels and health alerts for destinations across the globe.

The traveller security programme Tandem offers as part of our travel management service, incorporates 3 critical pillars to ensure travel bookers and travellers are fully aware of any areas of concern prior to travel, and can be supported in the event of an incident:

1.     Tandem Travel Tracker

Traveller locator reports are run immediately once notification is received of an event. Reports can be filtered by flight number, traveller name, destination, airline, hotel and country and capture all elements of the traveller’s itinerary, including contact details.

Once the report has been pulled, we advise key contacts of the traveller’s whereabouts, the incident affecting them and provide the options of rebooking flights, extending or finding alternate accommodation, or booking alternate transport methods if flights are not operating.

 2.     Tandem Traveller Security

 Tandem’s Traveller Security portal is a web-based application, offering key stakeholders instant tracking of travellers anywhere in the world.

 Benefits include:

  • Easy-to-use web application
  • Secure access 24/7
  • Complete data availability
  • Group email feature
  • Threshold alerts when the number of travellers booked on one flight exceeds Travel Policy
  • Data export capabilities available in six languages

 3.      International SOS & FearFree 

We have partnerships in place with International SOS and FearFree. They offer comprehensive business traveller security programmes depending on the level of security and traveller tracking you require.

Regular security alerts are sent to customers who may have travellers in an affected area, allowing them to make an informed decision about their travel arrangements.

We will work with you to implement a traveller security programme that is customised to meet your commercial needs and geographic requirements.


Download the Tandem Travel Security brochure